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Avast Premier offers a wide range of features to users who want to safeguard their devices. In my tests, its malware detection rates were very high and its web security was able to detect a few phishing sites that were able to get past Chrome and Firefox’s default setting. It also has a firewall that blocks unwanted connections between your device and external networks.

The user interfaces of Avast are simple modern, stylish and easy to use. They place a high value on navigation and accessibility and feature simple and clean designs. The tools and features of the software are organized and presented in logical order and users can customize the software to suit their preferences. Installation is easy and guided. It has a small impact on the system’s resources. However, resource usage may increase when software updates are performed and during primary scans.

Both Premier and Internet Security come in a range of subscription tiers. The cost and length will vary based on which category you select and the number of devices covered. Both offer the same features however Premier offers a greater variety of security features and functions than Internet Security, with some slight differences in performance and programme impact.

Its software is available through an initial trial for free and it’s simple to buy directly from the Avast website. Once you choose the product, you’re taken to the payment screen and the installation links are sent right from the beginning. You can make payments using credit card or PayPal. Avast has a support center with a large knowledge base, as well as questions and answers. They also provide live chat and telephone support for more complex issues.

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