If it’s a meeting in person or via video conference, board meetings should be focused on making decisions and setting goals for the future. This can be accomplished by following these simple procedure for board meetings.

It is crucial to ensure there is a sufficient amount of people in attendance before any official business can be discussed. This is generally stipulated in the entity’s bylaws and involves a roll call to confirm there are enough participants to hold a vote.

The chair should ask if any members have any corrections or additions to minutes from the last meeting. If there aren’t any corrections or additions, then the minutes are approved.

Once the old business is settled, you can launch a your new venture. The board should move through the agenda item by item, leaving the discussion and voting on each. Idealy, the most important topics should be discussed at the beginning of a meeting. This is due to the fact that these topics are likely to be considered and discussed in previous board meetings, board calls or even in one-on-one meetings with directors individually.

It is essential to establish clear rules for the speaking time in order to keep the meeting running smoothly. For example, directors should not speak until the speaker has find more info finished. Everyone should not interrupt anyone else, regardless of what their purpose is. Consider deferring a subject to the next meeting, or scheduling an interlude. This will allow you to cover it in a shorter period of time.

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