Board meetings online allow board members to discuss their views without the need to travel. These meetings are easy to attend and offer a great experience for those who participate. With tools like video conferencing, presentation and conversation in the form of chats these virtual meetings are just as effective as meetings in person. They also allow for the sharing of documents in a safe manner and also for the preparation of board meeting minutes.

As with any meeting there are challenges and pitfalls. The main issue is to ensure that everyone can participate and are given the chance to share their ideas. This can be done by deciding on a time to hold the meeting that is appropriate for everyone, not just those who live in different areas of the world. If this isn’t an option you can consider a shorter meeting and inviting those who are unable to participate in other ways.

It is also essential to set clear objectives for the meeting prior to the event. This helps the board members to understand their responsibilities, and also helps them to be more focused on their meeting approach. It is also essential to provide all relevant information to the participants of the meeting prior the time of the meeting to allow them to study it and make their questions, votes or resolutions before the meeting. Sending the agenda as a document with the meeting invitation is one way to accomplish this.

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