Investor data rooms are a place where companies can store files that they use for due diligence when they are raising funds or doing M&A. They help visit this page you track and share progress in due diligence.

When you create your investor data room, it is important to be thorough and include all the information an LP would want to see to be confident that they are receiving the most accurate information of your fund and that you’ve followed the correct protocols. LPs might require the names and backgrounds of the team members, as well as a summary of the fund’s performance in the past as well as a current fund contract and other pertinent materials.

It’s a good idea to include a financial overview of your company, as well as future projections. The majority of LPs will analyze these in detail and want to ensure that your model is properly constructed, is resistant to market volatility, and that you are making an accurate estimate of the value of your company. Sturppy is a tool that is used by more than 4000 startups to build financial models that are ready for investment.

It’s also important to remember that a virtual space allows users to set the criteria for who has access to documents. You can also ensure that only those who require to know have access to sensitive information. You can control who sees your document using tools such as watermarking, expiring links and the ability to grant granular access rights.

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