When your board meets, it is important to ensure that everyone is ready. One way to do this is to distribute the meeting materials at least a week before the actual meeting. This gives both new and experienced members the chance to review and prepare for the discussion.

It’s also important to communicate with your board prior to your meeting. This allows any negative news to be communicated beforehand, so it’s not an unexpected surprise at the time of the meeting. It’s also a great time to talk with officers or committees that have reports due at the meeting. A clear line of communication between management and the board is crucial, particularly if there are issues that require immediate attention.

Limit the discussion topics at the meeting to topics that are scheduled for discussion. This will allow you to go through each subject in a timely fashion and ensure that the board’s time is effectively used.

Don’t be discouraged by disagreements that may arise during discussions. Boards that encourage diversity of thought tend to make better decisions than those that are based on one view. In fact, a bit of disagreement is good and should be welcomed.

It is essential to look back at the past https://yearsboard.com/should-your-ceo-serve-as-a-board-member/ decisions made by the board at every meeting. This will help you to avoid making the same mistakes in subsequent meetings, and will identify areas that could be improved. Recording the way decisions were made can also be helpful if disputes arise in the future.

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