Before the advent of virtual datarooms when a company was sold or raised, the company that bought the company would ask the seller for documents regarding the financial history and historical. The documents were stored in a secure location that the stakeholders could access to review the materials. Nowadays, these rooms have been replaced by virtual data rooms that make it easier to share and examine documents.

When preparing to launch your data room, you need to think through what you need to include and who you’ll be sharing access to. Based on the stage of your startup, some files might be more important than others. Investors may prefer detailed revenue and costs projections when your startup has a proven history of success.

Once you’ve decided the items you’ll need, arrange and upload the files. Create an organizational system that is appropriate for your business and use consistent naming to make it easy to find documents. You can also add metadata to give the files more context. Additionally, you can group similar files together in subfolders to make it simpler for users to locate the information they need.

If you’re using the Pro version you can grant access to users after you’ve uploaded all the files. You can either select individual documents and select appropriate access groups, or click’Add more group(s) to add new groups.

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