A board meeting that is remote presents an unique set of challenges. It also offers flexibility and an opportunity to increase the size of your board. Functional technology that allows board members to communicate effectively and clearly is the key to a successful remote meeting. Before the meeting starts make sure that all participants have tested their software, cameras and microphones, and are familiar with their equipment. This will reduce boardmeetingweb.net/how-does-the-diligent-board-manager-tool-compare-with-other-tools/ the amount of time lost to technical problems and enable your board members to remain active in the content of the meeting.

Encourage your board members to include notes, updates and action items to a shared agenda prior to the meeting. Then, use a digital scheduling tool like SavvyCal to find times that are appropriate for all attendees. The result is shorter and more focused meetings that are generally less stressful.

The ability to see each other during meetings boosts collaboration and helps build stronger relationships. Video footage during meetings can also help you recognize the non-verbal signals emanating from your board. For instance, a smile can convey excitement and enthusiasm, while the expression of a frown or a rolling eye can signal disagreement, boredom, impatience, or concern. It is also helpful to play an introduction video prior to every remote meeting in order to set the mood and remind the participants of what’s expected of them during the call. Additionally asking for feedback at end of each call can help boost engagement and let your board members be aware that their opinions matter.

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