Making sure that the details are correct when planning a board meeting is important to ensure a productive session. Meetings for boards typically have specific deliverables to be met, including report-writing, decision-making and strategic discussion. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind when planning your next meeting.

Confirm all attendees and their attendance plans for the day prior to your board meeting. Determine how you will supply the equipment or links to remote directors who may be required to attend the meeting by video conference. Make sure the meeting space is available, and make sure that you have all the supplies or catering.

Make a draft agenda for your meeting based on the information contained in your board package, as well as any questions or requests the chair of the board and executive directors might have. The agenda draft ready prior to the meeting allows you to avoid the need for last-minute scrambles, and ensure that you have enough time to discuss the most important issues.

The first item to be considered is an evaluation of the business’s performance since the last board meeting. This includes a review of the major milestones, achievements and areas where the business might require more attention to. The next step is to consider how the company can advance with new strategies to help grow. This could involve discussing new markets, policies for customer service, investor relations, or hiring new employees.

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