A board management tool enables board members to easily share and collaborate on documents before, during, or after meetings. Board members are more prepared for meetings and can make quicker decisions when they are able to communicate efficiently and can look over documents and other materials ahead of time.

Board directors used to rely on paper-based or digital tools that were not designed to manage the flow of information in board meetings. These outdated methods can result in inefficiencies, a lack of clarity about meeting expectations, and disengaged members. Board management software can help organizations transition from paper to digital. It also enhances efficiency in meeting planning and execution and increases the efficiency between meetings.

When selecting the most suitable board portal for your business take note of the features that are most valuable to you. If you want to simplify the Click Here process of scheduling your meetings, take a look at solutions that have simple visual calendar tools. If you’re planning to hold virtual video conferences, select a solution that offers high-quality videoconferencing features and document sync.

If you’re looking to facilitate discussion during a virtual meeting, make sure that your solution has polling and discussion tools. The ability to ask questions and get instant responses from other board members is an effective feature that can assist you to drive the right conversations during the meeting. In addition, the ability to make and approve meeting minutes later is a useful function for boards that are non-profit.

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