Remote work is increasing and organizations need to increase collaboration and teamwork. The most effective video calls and communication software cannot match the intimacy of in-person meetings.

That’s where immersive virtual environments come in handy. These virtual spaces don’t merely serve as tools for meetings. They also allow teams to collaborate in a virtual, interactive space. This is especially useful for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require a close partnership.

Virtual environments can have different impacts on creativity, productivity and teamwork just as real-world environments. It’s crucial to choose the best virtual environment.

Here are a few of the top virtual workspaces that allow collaboration.

A virtual office that has a physical workspace for meetings and presentations, as well as an experience that can be customized is an ideal choice for teams that are remote or hybrid. There are a variety of settings, from outdoor to formal spaces that are ideal for meetings and presentations. Clarity Island, for example is a tranquil beach-side location perfect for creative workshops and activities designed for team-building. Mont Matiz, on the other hand, is a calm hilltop location that is perfect for discussions and meetings.

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