After a tumultuous 2022 for tech investment and talent, early 2024 has seen a revival of excitement about technology’s potential to spur business growth and solve the world’s most difficult challenges. While most of the 14 top technological trends from last year are still top of the list but generative artificial intelligence is now a hot topic because of its potent and promising impact.

We’ve noticed an increase in enthusiasm for emerging technology that is still in its infancy but has the potential to improve productivity and accelerate growth. These include digital platforms, which are changing established business models by offering new ways for people to connect and exchange value in exchange for value; the Internet of Things (IoT) which is creating an interconnected network of devices that detect and analyze human behavior as well as cloud computing, which is revolutionizing the way businesses implement and utilize applications.

Edge AI is a hot trend as it lets AI/ML systems to process data and take action without having to send this data to the cloud. This allows autonomous vehicles to react in a blink of an eye as well as security cameras to monitor suspicious activities in real-time.

Sustainable technology is gaining in popularity, as people and companies strive to achieve net-zero goals. This involves making use of green energy and sustainable processes, as well as materials and utilizing technology to reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions.

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