The due diligence of investors is vital to any investment. The more prepared you are, the quicker your investors can finish their reviews. An investor data room makes the process much simpler for everyone involved.

LPs try this website are likely to require a variety of documents such as legal contracts, supplier and customer agreements, intellectual property information, market research, cap table financials, and more. Utilizing a virtual data room allows you to share these files with third-party parties and eliminates the potential for duplicated emails or old copies being sent out in error. These documents can be exhibited in a well-organized, easily navigable investor datarooms to demonstrate professionalism and organization.

The investor data room could be used to also store and share the deck of slides or investor pitch with a prospective investor. While the investor presentation isn’t a mandatory part of the due diligence supplementary information, many investors include it as a way to give context and facilitate the investor’s access to information they require.

Some founders use their investor data rooms to store different information for different types of investors. Some founders, for instance have an investor data room that is a «draft», investor data space that they share with investors that have not yet committed to a deal and another set of documents that they share with those who are about to sign a deal. This lets them control how much information they share and ensures that the right information is reaching the right people.

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