Investors need access to a VDR that allows them to examine intellectual property and documentation of the company in relation to due diligence. It is essential that startups ensure their VDR is always up-to date and that any updates are promptly communicated to all contributors.

This ensures that every investors decision making process participant are able to view the most recent version of the file and complete their due diligence swiftly and effectively. This helps avoid confusion or miscommunication. By default sensitive documents can also be blocked. This includes pricing and customer contracts. Administrators can monitor user’s activities within the VDR to determine the types of documents being viewed and for the length of time. This provides a good indicator of whether or not a document is shared in a proper manner.

In the past, companies would store their most important documents in a room that was only accessible by authorised personnel. This was called a ‘document vault’ and it was a huge asset to businesses. The digital age has enabled companies to store their documents in a manner that is more efficient and easy to access.

The VDR allows investor communications and fundraising to be managed centrally, which helps speed up the process of raising capital. Digify is the most renowned virtual data room provider in the UK is ISO27001 certified, with various features that support each stage of the investment process.

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