A data governance tool is a software that helps organizations manage and govern their data assets. This includes establishing and maintaining an inventory of metadata for the company’s data assets along with automated ways of enforcing policies regarding data and assuring its quality. It also includes establishing procedures for collecting and analyzing the data, identifying any gaps and recommending solutions. Data governance is an essential aspect of a company’s data management strategy. It provides value Read Full Report to business users and assists them in achieving their goals for digital transformation.

The most highly-rated tools for data governance are Collibra, Erwin Data Governance (formerly erwin Data Intelligence), Informatica and Talend. Each of these tools offers various capabilities including data catalogs, policy management, as well as visualization of data lineage. Collibra also offers a data jumpstart that will help organizations speed up their data governance, MDM, and other projects.

Other important features include workflow automation, data glossary and meta data management. With these features, a business can create a shared language and improve collaboration with other teams in the organization. It can help automate tasks and ensure that governance procedures are updated when the business’s needs change.

Other key functionality that some of the top data governance tools provide is the ability to protect data privacy that allow companies to classify and protect personal information while making sure they comply with privacy regulations. These tools also detect and flag up potential risks for data, which can help tackle security breaches and other incidents.

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